About The Project Room

The Project Room presents creative projects that challenge viewers to think in new ways about relevant and timely issues regarding contemporary life. As a multidisciplinary art center, The Project Room provides a critical platform for the exchange of ideas within the intersection of different artistic disciplines. As an arts organization based in Seattle, The Project Room takes itself seriously as a place of connection between the larger world and the Pacific Northwest.

The Project Room aims to be inclusive in all of its endeavors, featuring different points of view and areas of expertise in all areas of creativity and community that can carry meaning for anyone. In addition to the arts, programs will touch on history, geography, industry, and other areas that intersect with the specific topic of focus.

During 2011/2012, The Project Room will ask the question, Why Do We Make Things?

Critical discourse is an essential element of The Project Room. With this in mind, The Project Room publishes The Project Room Off Paper, an online journal that follows the themes presented in The Project Room through written and other online content. Under direction from TPR Founder Jess Van Nostrand and Editor Suzanne Beal, The Project Room Off Paper will serve as the primary platform for the exchange of ideas, and will feature writing of outstanding quality. It will also be unexpected, genuine, well written, dynamic, creative, and relevant.

Founder Jess Van Nostrand has been an independent art curator in Seattle for nine years, and was Exhibitions Curator for Cornish College of the Arts from 2007-2010, for which she developed a new public gallery program that served the interdisciplinary mission of the college.

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