Winter in Iceland

restingmountain-blogWe’ve been here two weeks so far, our second journey into Iceland.  Only two weeks left and it doesn’t feel like enough.  A week of museums and swimming and soaking and meeting people in Reykjavik, and now a week in a long blizzard in Siglufjordur.  Anxious to get outside I made some photographs with some wings that have been in process for quite sometime.  Seagull feathers collected in 1999 in Seattle and dyed and made into a sculpture…the sculpture existed for awhile and then I decided to take it apart…and carry it to Iceland…logical.  Working on some things during the storm, we’ll see what happens as we move on tomorrow.  The blizzard felt like I was in a fog loosing my direction here…but I did need to work on things.  I just feel a little wilted if I can’t get outside everyday here and walk around.  One evening I when out in the blowing snow and made a snow dome or caldron as we called it.  We filled it with fire the next night and filmed it.  I don’t know what it’s for or why, but that’s what I do here…I just follow a long with impulses, use whatever I can find.

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