finally, the actual route of the journey in Iceland

After so many months of researching, planning, plans falling through, more researching, applying, applying, shuffling budgets, squeezing and massaging budgets, prioritizing some things over others, re-prioritizing, re-prioritizing again…we finally know the route of our journey in Iceland.

Keflavik to Reykjavik to Hellnar to Fljotstunga to Hvalfjordur to Reykjavik to home. August 26 through September 30, 2012

I think by the time we board the plane, I will collapse into a stupor of 7-hour movie watching, and be excited.  I am still a bit dizzying numb.  It has just been a colossal effort of how do I go where I want to, get what I need there, make what I want to use to shoot, to create to experience, make sure home and schooling and pets and everything else falls into place. Many many many people have wonderfully put out a helping hand!  I’ll be excited when this 1000-feather cape I am sewing is being folded into a suitcase, and I’m patting myself down for my passport.

Also, please consider supporting this project financially, however small we are grateful.  One re-prioritization was to focus more and more on the collaboration between me, Paul, Hazel and focus more on film work (ALL big leaps for me and huge learning curves).  Bringing my collaborator Saskia Delores to Iceland hugely supports this growth in my work.  Please consider helping us raise $2022 to cover her traveling expenses. You can donate at Indiegogo.  We genuinely can use every small donation!

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