Many Thanks to the crocheters of Aug. 2, please join us again Tomorrow!

EVERY last crochet event I have held through the last several years of projects has had a slightly or radically different sense of group dynamics, I can’t help but notice it, sometimes it’s striking.  Some people naturally and effortlessly and generously make other people comfortable.  I can’t say exactly that I have that skill, but it seemed like last weeks crochet party on August 2nd was a magnet for people who quietly yet energetically like to get to know about others around them.  It was wonderful to watch unfold.  So thank you, you congenial bunch!  And I know I’ll see you again, because you all told me you’d be back and I take you at your words!

Anyone wanting to learn to crochet, or learn to crochet more intuitively, or learn about the ever-unfolding spirit of human community, please stop in tomorrow, August 9th from 3:30 – 7:30.  And join in!

And just a note, though I haven’t changed it on the Calendar of Events yet, I am cutting next week’s crochet party on August 16th short, just till 6pm, because it’s my son’s birthday and we are going on a date.  Thanks for understanding the change.

sweet babies show up at TPR

sweet babies show up at TPR

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