“Artists Who Interview” roundtable chat, Sun. 8/7, 1pm

This Sunday, August 7th, from 1 pm – 3 pm-ish: Join me in a ’round table’ chat (with pie) about “Artists Who Interview” with Joey Veltkamp, Saskia Delores, Tessa Hulls, Sharon Arnold and Amanda Manitach.

Please swing by and join us!


I’m going to interview five fabulous people about interviewing.  If that isn’t ‘learning while doing’, I don’t know what is!  I am a complete novice, yet I feel really compelled to incorporate into Solstenen project this structured practice of reading about and researching an artist’s work, and then sitting down to chat with my well-considered questions.  In one way, I think about it as ‘school’, giving myself assignments to structure a dialogue.  I often don’t verbalize well on my feet, like walking through a studio visit, or seeing a show with an artist…I need to mull things over after initial impressions, and I love to ‘read further’ to create context.  I like to know the life behind works.  Interviewing seems like a perfect vehicle to get me to study an artists work, turning my impressions into words beyond just my initial intuitive responses, and connect with someone as a fellow maker.

Saskia at work

Saskia at work

All of these artists, with very different styles,  have incorporated interviewing and writing into their practice, either integrating it into a larger cohesive project, like Saskia Delores’ “Shut-up Dream Crusher” project, or as one of the many hats they wear as artists and curators and writers and organizers.  I want to find out why they do this (unpaid…), and how the heck they all make it all fit together.  These are voices I love to read (watch), so I am thrilled to have them all in one place.

And when I’m done with these peoples, and mulled and written, I’ll share…..

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