New Events updated on the Calendar!

My ‘Guest Artist’ calendar of events continues to evolve, and I am realizing I can’t do everything I want to do, and visit with everyone that I want to share ideas with, just during this 7 weeks.  The ‘guest artist’ idea came out of having this fantastic space available to me, and a platform to mess with ideas, but now I am seeing, it can and should and will continue beyond the limited time period of my residency at The Project Room.  It takes away my sense of urgency when contacting people – (“I have this idea I want to develop with you, let’s make it happen NOW!!”) – to letting things develop as they need to.  But despite that shift in thinking, I’m going to do as much, and share as much with whomever chooses to join in for the next month! So, I have a bevy of Calendar updates, some coming up very soon! And there will continue to be updates…!

  • THIS SAT!   August 6th, Solstenen Guest Artist Event, 11 am -3 pm : Join me in a Learning Demo in “low-tech/low water dyeing” from fabric artist and dyeing genius Cameron Anne Mason
  • August 11th, Thursday, Solstenen Guest Artist Event and Community Crochet, 5 – 8pm; drop in during Blitz Capital Hill Arts Walk for crocheting, and at 6pm join artist Cameron Anne Mason for a follow-up talk after her demo on the how and why she creates pattern in fabric
  • August 15th – 20th, Guest Artist Working, Amanda Manitach will be working in the studio with me, using The Project Room’s large lovely walls for drawing, and other things!  Amanda’s hours: M, T, Th, Fr, S; 12 -5 pm
  • August 24th, Wednesday, Guest Artist Event, 6pm – 10pm;  MAN NIGHT Crochet!  Hosted by Paul Margolis (who taught me to crochet for real), retired UW Ceramic Tech Master Dick Law, and gentleman fiber artist and art collector Robert Andrew Shavin .  Men teaching men to not fear the hook, the needle, the yarn, the thread.  Novices encouraged!  Bringing your own projects encouraged as well!

Please join us all at The Project Room!




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