Recap of last week…..Community Crochet on July 19th…

I am stunned that I have now been in residence at The Project Room for two full weeks, it has both been a flurry of activity on many levels and also sped by with me still trying to find a rhythm in all the roles I am trying to negotiate.  I began a bit last week taking daily notes and quick snap-shots of what I was working on…I’m not sure if I will continue that but I will try (I still need to edit and examine…and log that stuff in here.)

Sewing Albatross feathers every day...with hundreds to go...

Sewing Albatross feathers every day...with hundreds to go...

There now seems to be a steady stream of visitors, people checking to see just what TPR is, and also a number of people curious about the sandwich board with ‘learn to crochet’.  I get a thrill of pleasure telling people it’s free, and also convincing those few who are apprehensive that they can learn it!  The Seattle Times mention brought in several people with the article snipped out of the paper (I love that practice, even with smart phones and whatever…clipping the paper still has a pull).

With just two weeks and three Community Crochet events past, the sense that people are returning again and again to join in is heartening.  The flurry of activity will continue, I’ll try to do too much, but in September back in the quiet (sometimes) of my own studio, I am imagining the giant tangle of silver and gray I’ll have to bend to my will, made by friends old and new.

Dancer/aerialist Elizabeth Rose of ticktock dance dropped in with her cute date!

Katherine brought her knitting needles….

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