The Project Room AND ‘Solstenen’ begin this Thursday July 14th!

Coming upon this Thursday I feel a bit like I’m standing at the top of the hill ready to push the big boulder over the edge and gleefully watch it go, but I’m not alone. Curator Jess Van Nostrand also begins her new adventure, The Project Room and is giving me one giant supportive push in the process. We’re both jumping off into our new projects, flush in support from enthusiastic, talented and generously smart people who have our backs. Thank you, Jess, for having mine! Support at the onset of a big project is so validating, and takes a bit off the edge of the intensity of so much preparation.

Please join me in supporting this new multi-disciplinary venture of Jess’s, drop by The Project Room on this Thursday, July 14th from 5-8pm, during Capital Hill’s Art Walk. Check out the new space, say hello, and spend a bit of time crocheting with me. This Community Crochet Party will be the first of many this summer at The Project Room.


As always with the crochet parties, people with no known artistic ability are encouraged to attend, I will tease it out of you! Crocheting is unfathomably easy to teach and… to learn. And you will have fun. If you already rock the hook, come share what you know.

I’ll have hooks and fiber, but I am totally grateful for any donated gray or silver yarns, threads, old clothes…anything.

At SAM Remix, Summer 2010

At SAM Remix, Summer 2010

Also on hand, will be drinks and treats. Potluck some finger foods, if you are feeling communal! Linger awhile or just bring some good energy for a moment to welcome this new creative center to Seattle!

1 thought on “The Project Room AND ‘Solstenen’ begin this Thursday July 14th!

  1. Fantastic, that picture looks great, and artists supporting each other is very heart warming.
    Wishing you perseverance and strength to push that boulder over the hill Mandy. I love your work so much! Margo

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